living to inspire

The Unknown

It’s been a rough couple months to say the least. Enjoyable, definitely an unforgettable part of my life, but stressful nonetheless.

I’ve probably done this website a hundred times over in the past year and a half, constantly changing my mind on design preferences. That’s always been something I struggle with. It’s hard to accept something as “good” when all you see is the image of what it was supposed to be, or could even become with more time and effort. But the day goes by quick, and frankly I’ve come to realize that I don’t have time to sit and perfect every single piece of content I create. It’s been a hard truth to come to terms with, but as I do I find myself in a whole new place creatively and socially.

When you make stuff for other people, it’s easy to worry about how they will take it or what they will think. The reality is that 99% of the people that come across your work will just take it in. There is no post-exposure action. Just obvservation, collection, maybe even a comment here and there. If that’s generally the worst that could happen, then what’s there to lose when it comes to sharing your work with the world?

I’ve made it my goal this time around to document my growth over the next several years on this page, as sort of a collection of all my different ventures, goals and passions.

It’s 2:01 and I still don’t think I can sleep. This has been my regular bed time lately….thoughts racing at the speed of light tend to keep me awake.

New Day

When I was 17, I was probably the least responsible person I knew. Somehow I was born with a natural talent to blow money at lightspeed and burn bridges with one sentence. I made several of the same mistakes over and over again, forcing my mom to almost lose all hope that her son might mature into a decently responsible adult. I remember one night having one of our biggest fights, ending with my mom going to bed in tears after I tried to run away (never could though, the thought of leaving my family behind brought about too much guilt for me to be able to deal with).

It was that next morning that was the first stepping stone towards who I have become throughout the past 3 years.

For some reason our internet hadn’t been working for several days before that. When I woke up, I found my mom tinkering with the modem. She had just finished setting up the new network. I asked her which one it was,. She told me, “look for Newday.”

I asked her why she called it that. She told me, “I know we were pretty upset last night, but I just wanted to know that every morning you wake up is a new day to try again, just like today.”

It may not have been the dramatic climax you’d expect from such a fight, but since that day, the words “new day” have yet to leave my head. I realized that day that no matter how many times you fail, if you genuinely want to succeed, you will, with due time and effort.

This post is the first of many I hope to collect as I try once more to record my experiences throughout the many new days I’ve had and will continue to have. Hopefully this time, I’ll be able to find enough passion to consistently write.

It’s a new day.